Mapping locations in cities where people fell in love

I am seriously interested in Maps – perhaps because it organises chaotic data and threads into a cohesive manner to be measured guides to our paths and thoughts.

Inspired by Becky Cooper’s book Mapping Manhattan project, I saw a different way of measuring intangible ideas in context to our geographic locations and reveal how people associate memories to places. Perhaps we could study a see a city differently than just mere locations by linking them to people’s emotions – intangible ideas to tangible ideas of a city.

I asked people from three cities to pin places on google maps – places where they fell in love with someone. When the maps went live, several people across the country entered their names, often more than once. The project was an attempt to strip away mundane narratives about a city, leaving only love, the most primal of our desires. This crowdsourced pinning project brought together human feelings and physical space with the help of google map technology.

This project was insightful about city cultures, Mumbai seemed to be more keen in sharing their emotions, re-enforcing the idea that Mumbai is a more open city in exchanging and sharing personal information, for a businesses and migrant lives are built on support systems of personal relationships, shared values and sentiments. Compared to Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are family oriented and more conservative places, where information exchange seems to dwell on a need-to-know basis.