I am Anusha Yadav and I am the principal at The Memory Company. My strategy and design practice as well as personality is multi-disciplinary. I have two parallel careers but mainly I create new ideas and transform brands into having a powerful story to tell, and even better, a interesting story to live.

What makes brands successful, what do failures cost a client, are things I think about a great deal. Brand strategy when thought through with great care and precision can transform our worlds. In the 21 century, Brands are being held at a very high standard, more so than any other time in history, and when we work together I am preoccupied with ideas to clarify, redefine and raise your brand’s profile, keep its head held high, form deep connections with  customers / audiences.

I believe that you are here because you wish for the same, and you want to alter the situation from pain points to gain points. Good strategy and design is a bridge connecting a clients’ intentions to stakeholders. How you will be perceived, and will you stand apart from your competition cannot be left to hope – Hope is not a strategy. The Memory Company offers the precision of a strong own-able brand strategy and personality that no one can replace.

Portrait by Dinesh Khanna, India



I discover a brand's voice to help them become the most exciting, relevant and best versions of themselves.

I was born in London, and brought up between UK, USA and India in a family that encouraged creative and intellectual curiosity. At my convocation ceremony at NID Ahmedabad (1997) our chief guest, Verghese Kurien (Chairman, Amul Foods) said some powerful words that eventually formed my philosophy to a branding & creative practice. He said “You must remember that strategic designers are the best brand problem solvers, similar to doctors, because only the best doctors know how to solve particular problems.” After graduating (in Communication Design), I began working as a strategic creative consultant & print designer with leading advertising and design houses of India and I loved solving marketing problems, big and small. I also loved fussing over commas in the right place, and precision of output. Good strategy and design share a non-negotiable relationship, and for me there is no room for mediocrity in either. If one fails, the other one topples over.

Over the 26 years, and after working with hundreds of clients, I have became even more interested in a client’s business and goals and how I can make it better for them. Whether I helped launch the longest running and most effective campaign for an automobile company, or redefined the global cultural space with Indian Memory Project, or designed the first exhibition history publicatin or showed India’s independent women in new light, the birth of these ideas were based things I noticed and connections I made, resulting in meaningful messaging, embedded with an aesthetic vocabulary. These are projects that made deep emotional connections customers / audiences.

There is also a natural reason for why I do what I do. Curiosity is my neutral state of being and so I notice things other people miss. I seek information for dots that connect and patterns that emerge (Sometimes I suspect information seeks me) – Be it people, cross-artistic, historical and cultural winds, political & environmental conditions, sexuality & desire, inventions, breakthroughs & discoveries, inter-generational dialogues, human behaviour, popular & unpopular culture, and the evolution of our needs and wants – I am interested in everything. (In another life, I might have made the best intelligence operative.) The more inputs there are the more dots I connect and they inform my craft/s, affiliations, beliefs and relationships. Hence, even a multi-disciplinary approach to work (Strategic Branding, Design, Photography, Archive) was / is inevitable – when a great idea arrives, I feel it is my responsibility to see it out there in the right context, deserving representative and medium.

My other most proud contribution to the world is creating and serving Indian Memory Project – a multi-award winning archival project that traces the history of the subcontinent using images in personal archives. Now included in national & international University syllabi / references, it is the world’s first and most admired archive around. Plus if you’d like to see my photography work that I have shown/published in national & international spaces, and have been commissioned by clients, please visit anushayadav.com 

Over the two decades of my career, I have forged some of the most inspiring friendships and clientele that has aligned me to the finest networks of talent and skills sets across disciplines – It is expertise I learn with, collaborate with, and recommend to my clients. I have also been fortunate to work with the finest of clients/brands internationally and helped make their objectives effective, memorable and profitable. They have trusted me to help them see their big picture and effectively link it to consistent craftsmanship – There is no better reward than a client’s trust.

My multi-disciplinary portfolio has won me several recognitions and speaking engagements around the globe where I present ideas on various subjects on culture aptitudes, story-telling, photography, branding and design. But mainly I strategise, create and recreate brands and ideas to be seen in new lights – I aspire to make brands be memorable, have longevity, and desirable-to-align with and I am most eager to facilitate the same powerful and long-lasting engagement for your brands. 

So this is The Memory Company, and me. Now tell us about you? Would you like to meet for a coffee to discuss your brand conundrums ? Schedule a consultation and let’s have chat.


2014  Innovator of the Year
India Today Women’s Summit

2013  Honorary Mention
Prix Ars Electronica, Austria
International Award for excellence in Cyber Arts

2013  Winner – Online Influencer
L’Oreal Paris Femina Achievers Award

A few of my other interests

Lateral Thinking | Puzzles & Trivia | Mythology | Occult | Popular Culture | Image Making

Human Behaviour | Environmental Studies |
Animal Care | Ancient Sciences | Anthropology

Science | Philosophy | Technology | World History | Literature | Creative Writing

Performing Arts | Cinema | Archival Research | Brand Marketing | Art History

Criminology | Digital Games | British Comedy | Paper Crafts | Baking | Music | Fitness