Mark Twain is often credited to to have said that “History is unlikely to repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” It is with that comprehension that TMC helps companies objectively recognise and celebrate the multiple dimensions, rhymes and rhythms of their journey thus far, and ahead.

While a company or institution’s history will almost always mold its vision, strategy, successes and pitfalls – ironically it is its own employees who are its most wary audience, and its customers forgetful.

The most impactful path is then genuine acknowledgement and respect for their own journey – along with all adversities and victories, reminiscent of values to increase engagement, participation, reassurance and pride.

TMC closely collaborates with clients to listen, understand, investigate, document, rediscover  their own history – and then sculpt it into a most effective and engaging creative apparatus – be it a book, an exhibition, an event or a digital archive.

Photograph by Anusha Yadav

TMC’s diverse professional networks across an exhaustive set of disciplines offers us the flexibility to partner with and learn from expertise required for specific objectives.

| Tentative Schedule for Corporate History Design Projects |
A minimum of seven months from the date of contractual agreements.

The ability to identify opportunity, a challenge or an aspiration stems from personal histories augmented by an emotional experience. And no business can escape that.



I was born in London, and brought up between UK, USA and India, in a family that celebrated creative and cultural curiosity. After graduating from NID, Ahmedabad in Communication Design, I worked with leading advertising and design houses, establishing visual vocabularies and solving marketing conundrums. 26 years + hundreds of projects later, I am deeply invested in helping businesses, individuals and collectives harness their histories and experiences to acknowledge and celebrate their journey, and emotionally reconnect with their own efforts, stakeholders, investors and audiences.

What motivates me in my quest to impactful answers is ‘Curiosity’.  I notice things others miss and discover insights and patterns. (In another life, I would have made the best intelligence operative). The more inputs there are, the more dots I connect to inform my concepts about life, relationships, cultures and affiliations. Hence, a multi-disciplinary career (branding, design, photography, history and archives) was inevitable.

Whether it is the longest running campaign for an automobile company, a pioneering digital idea within the global cultural space, India’s first exhibition history publication, or portraits of India’s independent women and the beauty in queer men  – these unconventional ideas were missions to connect with audiences.

One of my most joyful brand creations has been the founding and serving Indian Memory Project – the world’s first online archival project that traces the history of the subcontinent via images in personal archives. The multi-award winning archive is now included in national & international university syllabi and is one of the most exemplary and admired archives around.

When invited to speak around the globe, I share insights on creative and cultural ideas, communication design, the power of story telling with visuals, and the intangible and tangible experiences that people inevitably yearn for.


2019 Honorary Mention
DIA Awards, China
International Design and Academic Intelligence in Digital Interaction

2014  Innovator of the Year
India Today Women’s Summit

2013  Honorary Mention
Prix Ars Electronica, Austria
International Award for excellence in Cyber Arts

2013  Winner – Online Influencer
L’Oreal Paris Femina Achievers Award

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"All subjects belong to one subject." - John F. Cash, Mathematician


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