The Memory Company, India is known for its extraordinary work in the field of culture and design.

We are now gearing up to present the subcontinent’s finest collection of affordable, as well as limited editions of contemporary art, and paper-based accessories. Our aim is to play a leading role in defining and promoting the values of great art & design and artists from the Indian Subcontinent.

As an extension of the company’s cultural mission, The Memory Company Art Store will stand to exemplify art & design from a select pool of great subcontinental artists, a curated and designed selection of paper-based decor and accessories highlighting the latest in art and design concepts from around the Indian subcontinent.

Discover Indian Subcontinent’s contemporary art and artists, innovative, fun, and functional paper accessories and reflect your modern style with unique, affordable and distinctive gifts. Until then we have a few limited edition products created in-house, and we are sure you’d love to see them.